I had always been eager to convey and help people grow up around me. From graduating as an engineer ISAE-ENSMA, I find myself a passion for IT and the privilege of being able to make a living off of it. Since 1988, it is through elaborating systems and networks, starting within Cap Gemini,that I am conscious of being a builder at heart.

Joining Midland private bank, HSBC affiliate, as an IT development executive, I embrace a manager’s career. After becoming CIO in 1996, I am putting it at the service of innovative and transforming projects, in France and abroad for 6 years : interactive telephony, TV banking, online banking, CRM, digital marketing. I once happened to supervise a team consisting of British, Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech and Australian people. Quite a richful diversity ! It is at this occasion that I quit IT for four years to join marketing as a CRM manager, then gaining a dual culture of IT and business.

After my HSBC years, I join Paris Municipal Credit Bank in 2006, a public structure. Being in charge of Organisation and IT, I learn to transform a company moved by something else than economic value, in this case social value.

Four years later, I decide to work for myself and create Eulydis Conseil, specialized in management counsulting and IT transformation. On this path once again rich in human experience, I embrace the one of the Servier group, which I end up joining in 2018. I set the “Projects and Programmes, CIO Office and Communication” division up, on behalf of the group’s CIO. My work being completed in 2020, it is then time to get back into my role as a fervent mentor and found RVP Conseil.

These multiple experiences convinced me that succeeding in a transformation is first and foremost a collective and managerial human challenge. This is why I am placing the managers’ development at the heart of my mentoring, a real boost for changes and an essential complement to consulting and coaching.

In these trying times of transformations, one of the best solutions to the business challenges is to see your managers happily delivering by being redirected towards creating value.