RVP Conseil offer innovative mentoring
which makes managers become a source of greater value.

Mentoring by RVP Conseil:
what managers
HR and companies
have to gain from it.

Bring out leaders focused on creating value and give them full confidence that shines via their accomplishments.


From graduating as an engineer ISAE-ENSMA, I am a builder at heart. I had always been eager to convey and help people grow up around me.

I once happened to supervise a team consisting of British, Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech and Australian people. Quite a richful diversity !

In these trying times, one of the best solutions to the business challenges is to quickly redirect your management towards creating value.

To Read, Listen, Watch

In French – Operational feedback about Transformation projects – No wooden tongue !

In French – How to go from vision to reality thanks to an IT roadmap – Almond & RVP Conseil

Be attractive by offering a free choice of working hours and place to work.


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